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Creating and operating a Google Sites website can be beneficial for many small to medium-sized businesses, organisations, and individuals. Following is a list of examples highlighting the types of businesses and organisations that can benefit from having their own website created by an experienced website developer, or by individuals creating their own website using the Google Sites application.

Google Sites was originally created for use by schools and individuals to create simple personal websites. In June 2016, Google introduced a complete rebuild of the Google Sites platform, named the New Google Sites. This new version of Google Sites was designed to be more powerful and flexible, and it was also made available to small businesses and community organisations. Google continues to develop Google Sites based on user feedback, and the application is now used by millions of people around the world.

The type of services, products, or/and information you could potentially promote through your own website depends entirely on you, and on what services you or your organisation wish to promote or provide to others. What unique skill sets or knowledge do you possess that you could promote and sell online? And finally, what could you learn and then provide to others by teaching them what you learned by using Google Sites, or by undertaking paid work creating something of value for your clients?

The following examples illustrate the diversity of businesses and organisations that can benefit from creating and operating their own Google Sites website. Each business and organisation can leverage the platform's simplicity and functionality to enhance its online presence, engage with potential customers, grow its client base and provide information and other relevant services.

You could for example provide one of the following services or any number of others, remembering that there is no limit to human ingenuety and creativity.

The above examples represent only a fraction of the business and organisation types that could benefit from creating and operating their own Google Sites website. The platform offers a user-friendly interface, easy editing capabilities, and integration with other Google tools, making it accessible and suitable for a wide range of small to medium-sized businesses and organisations. Advanced features can also be added, ideally by utilising commercially available Google Cloud services. This option does require an advanced level of skill and knowledge, although many experienced software and website developers have already acquired such knowledge and experience and can be hired to provide relevant services.

People will pay for skills or/and knowledge that others (such as you) possess if it is more economical for them to do so than it is for them to figure out how to do it themselves and then spend the actual time doing it.

As you can see from the above, the possibilities are endless, and Google Sites is an ideal solution because it removes almost all of the technology and complexity of building and promoting your own unique Web site, which then lets you focus solely on growing your business, which in turn means adding new clients to whom you are able to promote and sell your service(s).

Obviously, large commercial organisations and government departments may feel that Google Sites is not the ideal platform for their large websites, although such organisations could explore the possibilities of using Google Sites and Google Cloud Services as part of their online activities, and who knows, they may be pleasantly surprised at what they find.

Services generally fall into two broad categories:

1. Global Market for Various Services

Imagine you offer indexing or website usability testing services. There is a vast global market of authors and publishers, plus website developers and their clients, actively seeking your services. By leveraging Google Sites, you can create a compelling web presence that attracts targeted and motivated visitors, helping you to effectively promote and sell your services online.

Perhaps you are a copywriter, a database programmer, a sales professional, a corporate/tax expert specializing in tax services, or a homeschooling expert. Regardless of the services you provide, Google Sites can help you expand your client base. The best part is that clients will discover your website through search engines, driving organic traffic to your online business. 

You may also promote your services through other means such as paid links to your website, located on credible and relevant, popular websites or by word-of-mouth, on business cards or even in printed publications or whatever are the most appropriate means to promote your business. We do however caution against spamming, as such activities may possibly cause the major search engines to lower your website ranking or even completely remove your website from the search engines and ban you from using the Google Sites application. Also, spamming is increasingly becoming illegal in jurisdictions around the world and can present a poor image of your business, especially if the relevant authorities in your country decide to prosecute you.

2. Local Clientele for Specific Services

Let's consider an example: you are a psychologist offering a range of psychotherapy services in Sydney, Australia. Or maybe you're a fitness trainer located in India or England etc. This website helps to demonstrate how you can customise the power of Google Sites to target your local market, enabling you to establish a profitable client base in your specific location.

If you believe you do not have a service to offer, you may possibly want to rethink that!

Have you ever wondered what skills you have, or what special knowledge you possess that others would be willing to pay for on a once-off or a recurring basis? Alternatively, what new skills could you learn in order to provide valuable services online? Answering these questions will help you identify the services you can promote, offer and sell online. And once you have identified the answer to that question, this website provides you with access to the tools and information to assist in achieving your goals.

For example, I was simply a college lecturer, although I now provide information services online to a global audience by taking the skills that I acquired while doing my day job and expanding on those skills by learning to use Google Sites combined with identifying and viewing selected YouTube videos and websites found through the search engine. Certainly, I had some advantages because of my employment at a college as a technology lecturer and because I enjoy researching the web, and also because I am now retired and have time available. Although, I went on to learn far more than I ever learned by teaching (and learning from) students, and did so by developing goals and by researching the Web, which is something that anyone can now learn to do, and by applying what I learned from that research. I am in reality simply a boy from the village, who happened to get lucky and worked in technology from age 19, initially building electrical equipment and learning a few skills, and then looking for even more things to learn, in part by studying part-time at college, and then by researching the web to help in my teaching role. 

Now this is your lucky day because you found this website and now have the opportunity to continue to learn more in your own time and at your own pace. The choice to do or not to do is as always, entirely yours to make. Some will, and some won't, but the question is will you? No one other than you can answer that question.

The information linked to from within this website provides you with a head-start, as access to the accumulated information about using Google Sites and other related technologies is freely provided in easily accessible lessons. It now only requires your willingness to study and apply that information, which is provided at no financial cost to you or to me, and that is what is so great about the Internet. Then you can continue with your own online research in order to acquire and apply even more knowledge.

What inevitably happens as you acquire experience and growing confidence in creating your own website, is that new ideas will present themselves one after another. It is then tempting to jump in and start developing, and waste time with ideas that go nowhere (I have been there, and done that, and to some extent, it may be inevitable that you will also do some of that). I suggest that you experiment with ideas and allow new ideas to evolve. Then, when you do finally identify the right subject for you, it will become the 'write' subject and you will know it, and the content will flow easily. Learn to be organised in how you develop your site and arrange your content in such a way that it flows and your targeted visitors will enjoy reading and viewing it.

This site was originally created to help bookmark the valuable videos and websites found online while researching the Web. It cost nothing to do that other than some time and effort, and then turn what were originally basic lists of website links into a unique website by adding more links and text to the site, which was created and is maintained using the Google Sites application. The site then gradually rose up through the Search Engine rankings so that eventually you clicked on a link and arrived at this page. I then spent about $9 and registered what I considered to be a suitable domain name for one year to see how that would work out. It is possible that the domain name could be changed in the future, although that probably won't happen. It is good to think deeply about the domain name you register before doing so, because once your website becomes successful, you may not want to change the domain name, even though it is possible to do so and then regain any lost search engine ranking, although doing so can be frustrating and messy at least for a short time until the search engines figure out what you have done, and then they will rank the new domain name and pages appropriately.

Possibly I will also learn how to earn revenue through the site by selling relevant services such as E-Books to those individuals who want them or possibly offer web design and development services etc to locals in my region, although the first priority is to continue developing the site to be the best that it can be and enable visitors to continue to access and apply relevant information about creating a website of their own.

On writing this text I am now 76 years of age and have worked in and around technology since age 19, including lecturing at college in the areas of multimedia and website creation from 1996 to 2005. This was in the days when HTML code had to be written in a text editor in order to create website pages, meaning that I learned the basics before also learning to use a range of desktop and online website editors. The Google Sites application is however the best online editor that I have ever used, although I have not tried all of the others. I am now comfortably retired and have no real need to generate earnings through this website as I have other website projects that I am creating and which I continue to develop using Google Sites in part by regularly referring to the information linked to through this site, and in part by researching the web for new information, and also for information that I previously missed or which I once learned although have since forgotten. Also, I have no real interest in creating websites for clients, although am happy to help individuals access potentially valuable information in order to learn about creating their own unique websites.

Here is hoping that you find the information located on this site and the information accessed through the site to be as exciting and as valuable as I find it to be.


Please note that the information located on this website is freely accessible for use by individuals and small business owners for private study and research. The contents of the site are however copyrighted to me. Anyone who wishes to connect with me for further information or to provide feedback is welcome to do so through the email address displayed above. I try to check the inbox of that email address at least once a day, although cannot guarantee to respond to your email either now or ever, although will possibly do so if the information you provide or the questions you ask are relevant and of interest.